Micro-BPO Home Business Opportunity

Micro BPO

“A Solid Business Opportunity
to Make Money,

Working from Home using Computer and Internet”

Next 10 Minutes can Make a Difference in your Life… so read from top to Bottom.
and you will be happy you did it.

If you were looking for a SOLID opportunity to Earn Money by
doing some work at home, This might just interest you.

To explain in one sentence – We will give Micro- BPO services
to small and very small Business owners and Entrepreneurs
which will Directly grow their Business . ( read full details on this page below
to understand… Its Important)

Or  Micro- Bpo is the

The ALL-in-ONE
Marketing , Sales & Support Department
for Business Owners who Can’t Afford It

Its For Educated Unemployed, House Wives, Retired People and
Physically Challenged or just anybody..
Whoever wants Second Income Source.

Anything from Rs. 5000 and upwards earnings, if that interests
you, you should read this. If Rs. 5000 or Rs 25000+ does not interest you,
You can skip this page.

I am very happy to announce the launch of this REAL Business Opportunity for REAL people.

Here are the Advantages and Highlights:

1. Work at Home
2. Work any time you have.
3. work how much you want.
4. Get passive Income. work once.. earn lifetime.
5. Viral Growth possibility – Inbuilt in the System.
6. Very Legitimate. Small Businesses require it desperately.
7. Very Low Investment to start.
8. Scalable Business – Add people to team.
9. Respectable , worthwhile and Interesting and satisfying Work.
10. Works by Business Attraction – People will come to you.
11. Total Training will be provided by us.


What Its Not:

1. NOT a MLM scheme.
2. NOT a SCAM , Survey etc
3. DOES NOT require Office.
5. NOT a QUICK RICH Scheme.
( its not a scheme at all)

You will Love it…


The Small Business Growth Multiplier Services -
proudly announced
by Jayant Hudar.

It will work for Small Businesses to grow their existing whichever, whatever business they may have. You as the “MICRO BPO” business owner, will help that small Entrepreneurs to grow their Business.

Its a ALL-In-One Marketing, sales, Support and CRM services for
Business owners who can’t afford to keep a person to do Continuous Marketing , followup of customers and sell the products or services.

You will do it for them, from your home, We will Help you Do it.

The Exchange is of VALUE. They will pay you for the services you offer.
And they will only pay you ON and ON, if you give VALUE on and on..
and You will. We will together do that.
We will make the opportunity available for you.

a REAL Business Opportunity to work from Home on Internet.

** This Business has Viral Growth Function in Built **
which means it can grow on its own after you have 5-6 customers
( small Business owners)who take service from you.
Which means, You can easily add New Business without really
marketing on your own..

Eligibility to start this Business
1. Home PC with Internet Connection.

2. Printer.
3. Telephone or cell phone.
4. working knowledge of English.
5. Basic Computer working Knowledge
6. Initially we will limit it to Graduates in any field.

( just so that we don’t fail to make Profits .. for people)

and also to Educated people only…
Its not for Uneducated and non-passionate people.

Its not for people who want Money for Nothing.
We will do work which will increase our reputation.
we will do work which we will be proud to talk about.
We will do things which will help others to grow.
We will help people to make more money and then ask for
little share of money they will make. Does it sound Fair enough ?

You will be our Business Licensee in short. Partners for us.

The work Involved: “MICRO BPO

1. Its a Small Business – BPO ( Business Process Outsourcing)
don’t worry about the name .. nor get scared.
Its going to be very simple and easy as operating Internet and using a Telephone.
maybe use printer at times to print reports. Obviously it will require some work.
I am not talking about money for Nothing.. We are giving some very good service to
local Small Business Owners, which Only the Multi-Nationals till now could afford.
we will Help the Small Businessman to GROW their existing Business.

Following are the Services which we will offer to Small Business Owners:

1. Automatic Marketing Service. ( Hands Free Marketing )
2. Customers for Life time Service. ( Customers will not leave you … Never !)
3. Automatic Customer Multiplication System ( Lead generation Included)
4. People Magnet services ( for Individuals/ Celebrities and Political people)

and More services as we go. See in detail about the services – Click here

Above are the services which will help small business owners to earn more money
and more customers HANDS FREE. thats the business opportunity for you.

We will coach you personally… what we need from you is a Desire to make some REAL Money.
it may not be BIG money… It may be Rs 5000 monthly to Rs 25,000 to start with.. But hey,
its a continuous BUSINESS. and most Important its a Work at HOME , anytime Business.

If Interested, to Join in SEP – send me a Email. saying I am Interested.
we will get in touch with you. after the first 25 People, we will take next lot of 25
people in each CITY of Maharashtra, maybe main cities ( total 100 to 200 members) .
and then EVERY CITY in INDIA.

We will go slow and steady. We are in no Hurry.
We will demonstrate it first that 100 Common people are

making money. You will hear from them.
yes, with their Names and addresses. ( no SCAM or MLM.. ) We will make it available
to anybody who is passionate about working.

If Rs 5000 to Rs 25000 a month excites you, while working for second income at HOME.
then Join me soon. and yes, The earnings will not stop at that,It depends on you, how you do it.
You can even have a Recurring passive income upto Rs200,000 ( But Iam saying don’t even
think of upper limits, Just think the basics , even if you earn Rs 15000/- a month extra, its
going to be hands free for you. or even more if your Contacts are good and Big ones.
( i.e even one customer with 5000 no.of customers can mean a good income
every year of anything from 25,000 to 50,000 for your as profits.) and the best part is, next year,
your work will be almost zero and the money will keep coming because customer will
continue taking the service and you will keep getting money. year after year.
Who will stop taking services, if there business is going to grow because of You and Your Service !!

and this Micro-BPO business has inbuilt viral capability, your business will grow with references.

You are on the way to Build a Solid Business, working from your home.
and more important, You can talk about the work you do ” Help small Business Owners to Grow”
in a way you are going to be “Business growth Consultant”

If Interested,
write a email to me on - info @ schoolofbusinesswisdom.com
or on info @ jayanthudar.com

in subject line of email write : ” Iam Interested in “Micro BPO”
thats it. we will get in touch with you .

till then … have a nice day.. and wait for my email. and If you like what I shared with you,
please share it by clicking the Facebook Icon on the top of the page because it helps !!

Frequently Asked Questions -

for Micro-BPO

I received a tremendous response for the Home Work Business Opportunity on Internet. Even though the launch is in Aug 2012 , I thought, I could answer few questions so many people have asked about Micro-BPO.

Also most important, even though we are going to have a selection criteria, we will make Big part of training FREE for the people who enroll. So that by the time we start selection process, The things which will help you to get ready will be already with you. and even if you may not get selected in the first 25 or 100 , you will have a chance in next opening, whenever we make it available.

1.What is MICRO-BPO ?
BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is a common name given to Jobs or Activities which are given by a Big corporation out to other companies. The setup required by these BPO’s is generally very big. And it’s there specialized business. Many run 24 x 7 in 3 shifts. Some are Voice based or what we call “ Call Center” which mostly handle telephonic conversations. All these require BIG systems and Lots of People.

Following are the Services which we will offer to Small Business Owners: via our Micro-BPO centers.

1. Automatic Marketing Service. ( Hands Free Marketing )
2. Customers for Life time Service. ( Customers will not leave you … Never !)
3. Automatic Customer Multiplication System ( Lead generation Included)
4. People Magnet services ( for Individuals/ Celebrities and Political people)

and More services as we go.

Above are the services which will help small business owners to earn more
and more customers HANDS FREE. thats the business opportunity for you.

We over here in MICRO BPO by School of Business Wisdom, will simplify the Big things into Small things. The Main Idea is to Give some Valuable services to a Small Businessmen , which otherwise he never thought He could Afford and Never thought it could benefit him. These small Processes / Activities which even a person working from Home could do. We will train the Home Worker on How to Approach a Small Business Owner, Give a small 15 Minute presentation in person or over Internet using Video. If the Owner is Interested ( which 1 out of every 3 Will definitely will be)
we will then setup the services for them. The costing will depend on the services they take.

You will also have a list of many things which you can add-on and do for them for additional Income. Over all The effect is going to be, Growth in Business for Owners, at a cost they can really afford, because, You will be offering the services to them with our help. We bypass the extreme overheads costs of Big companies.

We at MICRO-BPO will give you an ENTRY into the world of WORK at Home options, You then can do much more depending on your capacity. You will be a Franchisee of our company.
All Major Processes will be done at our end. Your Job will be to initiate and setup the required services for the Client
( small Businesses).

Some of the Activities ( in simple language )
1. Email and SMS sending
2. Letters and newsletter sending.
3. Customer Calls handling
4. Data collection and Updation
5. Reports sending
6. Courier Letters and newsletters
7. Renewal of orders
8 follow-up calls / Emails / SMS
9. Payment collections
10. Back office activities.
11. Paper processing and printing.

and such very simple and repetitive jobs.

But the Fun just begins here, out of the above, even though may seem simple, we have simplified it even more, and made it more exciting by reducing your work by approx 90%. More about when you actually train you.

1. Is this a JOB at Home or a Business ?

Its not a JOB, it’s a Business Opportunity for you to work from Home. You will work 95% of times from home at any time you want. It does involve that you meet real Businessmen to take the work and explain and setup the whole thing. Because, the work will be for Local small Business owners, which enables them to make more profits. The services which we will offer,
will create more business and more revenue for them and You who will facilitate the whole thing will also make money.

So it’s a Business opportunity. You will be a Franchisee owner.

2. Iam not a Graduate, But can speak and write English, can I do it?

You can if you are good in working English, meaning if you could work on PC and Internet, as most data transfers and other settings and presentation will be on internet.

We will have a selection criteria for all. Even if you are a graduate. Initially we will prefer doing business with graduates . maybe in a later stage, we will look at exceptions.

3. Will I have to Invest some Money in this? How Much?
yes, This is a Business opportunity, There is a Investment part, however small it may be. we are working on that costing. Which will include the System access charges, membership charges with MICRO BPO software, You Training charges and Support charges. Other than that, you may need some money to buy some stuff like a Printer ( if you don’t have one) stationary, cards, letterheads etc. Investment part we will announced a little later.
we are going to have a selection criteria for becoming a member Franchisee with us.


4. I am looking for a Job at home, I don’t want to invest any money. I have seen
lots of Internet Business Scams and Frauds.

We can understand your apprehension and frustrations with Internet scams and Frauds. The scams don’t have any work to do other than taking money from somebody and not giving any service. We have a Real Business Model, the services are going to be offered to a REAL Business owner, which you know, in your local Area mostly. And since it’s a Business, as any business, there is a Investment ( very small though).
at present we are not recruiting people for jobs. The inherent model of the whole system is to offer Services to local Businesses at a affordable cost, if we go and employ people initially, then the cost may not be feasible to small Biz owners.

So in case you don’t have any money to invest, and you are in a Hand to mouth situation, This Business opportunity is NOT for YOU. In fact in that case, you should not start any Business.
Nobody should start a Business without some money. You should look for a Job with somebody, earn some money and then Look at Business Opportunities. Straight forwards as it can be.


5. How Much Time I have to work at Home ?

It depends on you, how much you can do. You will decide you want to work, when to work and how much you can take load. We will be offering you the options. Work as much and take work as per your requirements.

6. I live in Nasik , ( or any other place) can I work from here?
( Basically, any City other than Mumbai or Navi Mumbai )

You can work from any place. The main requirement for you success is going to be that You need Businesses around you. Real business owners and lots of Customers with them. Any Business which has atleast 50-100 customers is a Likely customer for you. The only other thing required is a Computer, Internet Connection and a Telephone no. and a printer. Simple Color printer which you can get for 2500 to 5000 Rs to start with.

7. I don’t have a computer at Home. Can I do it from Cybercafe?
NO you can’t do a business from Cyber café. You need the basic infrastructure as explained above. We will not give the Franchisee to anybody who does not have the Infra and who does not know how to use the PC and Internet. People who are going to learn just for this Opportunity, Please do it first and then apply. We can’t guarantee you will be selected beforehand. At this moment, we are looking at people who are ready to start working.
we are not going to teach basic operations of computers and Internet. As mentioned earlier some place, we are looking for EDUCATED people, having skills of BASIC Computers and Internet.

A Business is a serious activity. We will be offering services to other Businesses, we want to give quality work for which we are going to charge money. So we will have a set criteria for selection.

8. I don’t have Internet Connection at Home, Can i do it?

You can only do it if you have internet connection, if at present you can do everything on PC and internet and You have a connection in office or any other place, You will need a Net connection at Home. We will not like You to use Your Offices Internet connection to work for your Business. That’s the basic requirement. Period.

9. I don’t have a printer at home, should I buy one? which printer?
You will have to buy some basic printer at some time. Any Printer with color printing facility which is economical to use. Now you should have one.


10. Is there a guarantee, I will be able to make atleast Rs5000 a month?

We really think you can make that and more every month. However we can’t guarantee. For a simple reason, The Activity involves you offering services to small business owners, If you can’t get any Business owner, You won’t make any money. As simple as that. We will provide you all the marketing tools to get the Business. And you should make good amount of money year after year , once you start it. Your Basic expenses will be very minimal. You should be able to recover all your investments within 1 months itself. Max 2-3 Months. Since it’s a service offering, you don’t have much investments after the first setup.


11. How Much Maximum I can earn from this Business Opportunity?
is Rs 25000 the Upper limit of earning?

Sky is the limit. However, I don’t want to give any false commitments. I expect any average person to be able to earn good amount of money. This may be small at the beginning, however, as you get even 4-5 customers, within no time you will get lots of referrals. Then once the Business owners see value in what you have to offer, They will give you more business.


12. Will you , MICRO-BPO company will give us work ?

No, Your first few customers are your Local Small Businessmen. You have to approach them with our services. We have amazing services which will help them to grow their existing Business. Trust me after you see the presentations. However, this requires that you send the presentation Video’s and Letters to as many people you want and can. You should and will get Clients.Having said that, It may happen that due to our advertising and marketing we might get inquiries for the services, which we will pass on to you. However, The onus of Business generation is on YOU.

13. Does this Business Opportunity require any selling ?
yes it does, However, Its not a Hard selling. This is the easiest of all, simple permission based presentation, NO Force, NO resistance selling. Or I call it, just present or show the simple 10 Minute video and ask, would you be interested to take the service. That’s it. If the person says no, still he would have learned at least 4 methods to grow their business, YES. Business owner will be happy that you showed him the presentation.

We will give you everything, we will train you, and support you. The Idea is not of having one time Customer, We are talking about Customers for Life time !! If we give something to the Customer which is of good Value, He will continue to take these services from us for years. And you will get Referral customers just by word of Mouth. There is No advertising cost Involved.
We are not going to ask you to spend money on advertising, nor You will be asked to go and sell something door to door. No Cold calling, NO FORCE selling. I call it Business by Attraction.
The least resistance selling or Service offering. Our sales will start with maybe 2-3 known people who will start with us.

14. How will we get paid? when will we get paid?

You will get paid Monthly. By cheque.

15. when will it start? when will we get Training? How Long will be the Training?
will we require to travel to Navi Mumbai to get Training?

This Business opportunity will start from June / July for You all. I expect that our beta testing will begin in May and By month end , we should have some good results. Till then , I will be getting you ready with things to learn ( mostly you will know) however, How we will do it, structure etc.

The training involved will be a approx 3 hours to start with. We for the first time will have to have training in Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai Only. Then we will have online training sessions. And our support team will help you ongoing basis. The training will be conducted in groups.

People who can’t travel due to any reason, will have to wait till we do the Trainings at any other place.

Please Note: we are now only taking BETA testers now. These are mostly my old students, seminar attendees,
and the ones I know can work at this stage and give 100% of effort. and Also since some Investments are required, we will first do with people who are ready to put in extra effort. initial issues if any will get sorted, we will also
would have thoroughly tested the working of CFLT ( our system software) and we are getting ready with marketing material.

So You will have to wait till then. I will Update you with progress. Till then, please have patience.
People have graciously offered to pay money and start, however, we will do that when we are ready to launch.

16. How different is this from MLM businesses ?

This Business has nothing to do with MLM or multi level marketing.
if you have gone thru the Information page on website of Micro-Bpo,
and the FAQ, it has clearly mentioned the same.

You are not supposed to recruit any Network of people.
here we are talking about offering services to small Business owners.

here you do not make money by building downlines and Uplines.
here You offer services which makes you money by selling Value-added services.

Micro-Bpo has nothing to do with MLM type of Business.
yes, you can sell the services to MLMers or MLM business owners.

MLM owners may take our services to grow their business, as any other
business owner.


17.Can You explain some more about Micro-BPO services ?

The Micro-BPO is a Concept, basically for people
who would like to start a Small Business at HOME.
in the spare time. ( however treat it as Business)
and earnings are based on the Clients you serve and services you
Micro-BPO , as the name suggests, we will together offer
services to SMALL and MEdium Business owners.
these services will be done from the Micro-BPO centre
which will help these SME owners to grow there business.

By providing Systematic Marketing, Sales, support and
Customer relationship management services.

so We will do the jobs, to automate THEIR Marketing
activities. ( under this there will be atleast 10-12 activities.
i.e. Scheduled Marketing activities on Phone, Email, SMS
newsletters to Past , present and Potential customers.
Follow-ups , upsells, cross sells, information updates,
reminders of all kinds.
to name a few.

In short : MICRO-BPO owner ( which could be you )
will be our Company Front ender, will provide services
to the Small Business Owners. with 90% of work done by
us ( at our centres, kind of Outsourced) and You as a Micro-BPO owner
will get paid for doing your share of work.. year on year.

The scope is huge for all. For you to make enough money.
for the Small Business Owner to do Consistent Business growth
because we will do the Automated marketing for him.

It will help small business owners as they need help.
Its will help people to work from home and Make money.

so it creates a business opportunity for YOU ( if you are interested)
to work from home. (it can be a Boon for any Housewife, retired people, physically challenged person) or for that matter any person
who would like to earn working from home.

The Sales Letter to a Businessman offering services (sample ) :
Download here

Powerpoint Show - The Scientific Foundation for the Services of
Customers for Life time

Download Here 15 min presentation

Note: The sales letter is a sample, which can be given to your Prospect client
who might be interested to get these services from you.

If you have time, You can also show the 15 min Presentation.

But before that, You should read, watch and understand the concept.
Its going to help you to grow your Business too.


MICRO BPO by Jayant Hudar
want more details about my Mission – click Here

and FAQ Here

Jayant Hudar - Micro-BPO - work from Home Business Opportunity